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Deploy with SMS

With Lingtual's Deploy with SMS option, you can effortlessly bring your AI-powered tools directly to your phone via text messages. Whether you're looking to deploy a conversational agent, a notifier, or a data processing tool, SMS deployment ensures you can access your tools on the go, without the need for any apps or internet connection.

How to Use

  1. Access the Deploy Section: Navigate to the 'Deploy' tab on your Lingtual dashboard.

  2. Select the SMS Option: On the deploy page, you'll see various deployment methods. Click on the 'SMS' option.

Step 4 - Deploy Options InterfaceStep 4 - Deploy Options Interface
  1. Enter Your Phone Number:
    • Choose your country from the dropdown list.
    • Input the phone number where you'd like to receive the SMS.
Step 4 - Deploy Options InterfaceStep 4 - Deploy Options Interface
  1. Click "Use on Cell Phone": Once you've entered your number, click on the "Use on Cell Phone" button.

  2. Receive the SMS: In a few moments, you should receive an SMS containing instructions or a link, depending on your tool's configuration.

  3. Interact with Your Tool: You can now start interacting with your tool through SMS. Send a text to the provided number, and you'll receive responses accordingly.


  • Instant Setup: Deployment takes just a few seconds, allowing you to start using your tool almost instantly.

  • Universal Compatibility: Works with any mobile phone with SMS capabilities.

  • No Internet Required: Once set up, there's no need for an active internet connection.

  • Secure: All communications are encrypted, ensuring your data and interactions remain private.


  • Ensure that the phone number you provide is correct to avoid sending information to the wrong recipient.

  • While Lingtual doesn't charge for this service, standard SMS rates may apply depending on your mobile carrier.

  • You can deploy multiple tools via SMS. Each will have its unique identifier or number.


If you encounter any issues or need further guidance on deploying with SMS, reach out to us at